Monday, February 2, 2009

Bringing home the new beast

Welcome to our trailer blog! We'll be documenting in excruciating detail the restoration of our new-to-us Airstream trailer. Hope you like.

Details: 1959 Airstream Flying Cloud (a 22ft model), vin #22-8605

We found this diamond on Craigslist (where else?) as we searched for our stolen 18 footer. (A brief story and link to photos for that pretty thing are forth-coming.) On the 24th we toured the trailer and really liked what we saw, knowing that a complete shell off restoration would be the only way to get this one up and running. Pictures from that day are found here. After a bit of negotiating, a price was agreed upon (yea!) and a date was set to pick it up.

Saturday was the big move. After seeing the original split rim wheels and aged tires, we knew the best way to get the trailer to Seattle (a 1.5 hour drive) would be to replace them.

After hitching up and changing the tires off we drove!



We are going to leave it in Ryan's loading bay at least until we get the shell back on.


Here's a shot of the whole fam in front of rig... What should we name it?


Next up, we're removing the cabinets and getting ready to separate the shell from the frame...



  1. Congrats on the new chapter you're starting and can't wait to see your progress!

  2. Looks like a really solid trailer to start a restoration with. I look forward to following your progress. Kevin

  3. Wow, that is some trailer. Looks like its all there and not molested. In reviewing your FC, I see many similarities to my TradeWind. Then I saw the date on your ID tag by the door. Our trailers were made in the same month.

  4. Congrats on the new airstream! I love that you have a blog for it! What was the name of the last one you had? That could help me give you names from my mind. ALison

  5. Hi Katie and Ryan-
    I am the happy new owner of a 1959 Flying Cloud. It is in very sad shape at the moment. I live in Portland and would love to be able to ask advice from time to time. Thank you for sharing your blog. It gives me hope.
    Thank you,
    William and Laurie