Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Destruction: day 2

We've got some catching up to do! On the 8th, Ryan, Ted and Wilson started off the day by completing the removal of the inner skin.

Next, they removed all of the insulation and wiring.

In the process, they discovered what is lurking behind a patch on the curb-side front corner:

Ouch. We'll be looking into replacing that panel.

With the shell empty, Ted and Wilson removed the "banana wrap" covering the lower edge of the shell and then drilled out the perimeter rivets. (I'm always amazed that a bunch of rivets is all that holds the shell to the trailer frame.) Meanwhile, Ryan began bracing the shell in preparation for lift-off.

Then, with the whole family in attendance, they slowly began to separate the frame from the shell.

Just a little space...

Now a bit more...

And finally, the shell resting on i-beams and sawhorses.

(FYI: the shell's weight is not resting on the edge of the aluminum, but on the bracing that Ryan placed inside.)

Once the shell was safely supported, a tired and hungry crew called it a night and went home!

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