Monday, March 23, 2009

Hurry up and get this frame painted!

'Honey, does it smell like paint in here?'

I must say, POR 15 is one nasty paint. It eats rust and your lungs if you let it. I was fully safe while spraying with my big 'ol respirator on.

The next morning, the dust had cleared and paint had tacked over enough for a second coat.

After the second coat of POR 15, I had time to clean all the paint gear and get ready for the top coat.

I bought a pint of speckley silver paint from the auto paint store to coat all the steel pieces seen when the shell is back on. I've got to send some karma to Katie for bagging up the chains in latex gloves. I would have spent thirty minutes masking the chains. She had 'em wrapped up in two.


Glad this one's done. I rapidly came down with the flu minutes after getting my stuff put away on that Sunday. Not sure if it was fumes during the clean up phase of the weekend or what, but I will wear the respirator during all the clean up etc. next time I work with any of that stuff. Who wants to be sick?


  1. Looks great!

    For me, it wasn't the POR15 that made me sick, it was my flooring adhesive. I thought it was the flue or allergies, but like you, it happened within minutes of my final work laying the vinyl tiles. So, definitely wear your respirator when doing any of that kind of work.

    Keep it up!